Our product is a self-adhesive on both sides, butyl rubber based sealant extruded as sealing tape, supplied on silicone release paper or film and is suited for a wide range of applications and features. Good adhesion to and good compatibility with most common building materials.

  • resistant to ageing, weathering and UV-radiation
  • high water vapour resistance
  • water resistant

SealiFlex Primer +

Solvent-free primer for use on absorbent and less absorbent sub-strates. SealiFlex Primer + was developed for application with SealiFlex Sealing Compound +.

  • solvent-free
  • use on all mineral cement-based substrates

SealiFlex Sealing Compound +

For professional sealing of areas under ceramic coverings in wet rooms on the positive water side. To protect moisture sensitive surfaces. Applicable interior for floor and/or wall surfaces with exposure to water more frequent or of longer duration than normally anticipated in dwellings, e.g. public wet rooms, schools and sport facilities.

  • solvent-free
  • silicone-compatible
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